Widi Pangestu Sugiono


Born 1993
Lives and works Jogjakarta

About the artist
Widi’s artworks highlight the essence of paper and it’s process of creation as he brings new conceptualization of materiality to his art, he sees paper as a functional material with a historical legacy that keeps connecting the past, the present and the future. Thus, paper, as a common medium of art practices has triggered Widi to explore its potential by examining, analyzing and modifying its materiality in respect to archetypal, essential character. This essentialism of medium is seen as a reduced form of art which emphasizes a presentation of its materiality, Simultaneously, the monochromatic color (black, white and their derivative colors) is applied to represent a multi-dimensional distance between reality and its void.

Indonesia Institute of The Art, Yogyakarta 2013 – Till Present
National Institute Of Technology, Bandung 2011 – 2013

Solo shows
Everything in Between Curated by Ignatia Nilu, Indonesia Contemporary Art Network, Yogyakarta Indonesia

Selected group shows
Connection Curated by Mona liem, Stein Egerta. Schaan. Liechtenstein
Jangan sentuh Curated by Hendro Wiyanto, Visma Art Gallery. Surabaya Indonesia
Art Square, Art Stage Jakarta, Jakarta Indonesia
Idiosyncratic: consciousness and Unconsciousness Curated by Andre Tanama, Bentara budaya, Yogyakarta Indonesia
Outline: Indonesian Festival Drawing, Gedug Indonesia Menggugat, Bandung Indonesia
Nalar, Sensasi dan Seni, Curated by Suwarno Wisetromoto, Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta Indonesia
Duna Yang di Lipat, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, yogyakarta Indonesia
Footing the Bill, Artworkforchange.org, United States
Earth, Jogja national Museum, Yogyakarta Indonesia,

Peserta Galeri Pameran Mahasiwa Indonesia Galeri Indonesia, Jakarta. Indonesia
Karya Lukis Terbaik, Institut Seni Indonesia, Yogyakarta Indonesia

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