Wayan Novi (IWayan Agus Novianto)


Born 1989
Hometown Angsri (Bali)

Lives and works Yogyakarta, Indonesia

About the artist
Jogjakarta-based Balinese artist Wayan Novi has developed a distinctive personal vision of the importance of everyday objects and their beauty in the simple village life he grew up in. Novi’s paintings depict vivid memories of himself – growing up in the mountainous Angsri village in Bali with its pivotally cold weather, and the kitchen.  The best place for his family members and friends to hang out was always near the warmth of the fireplace; in the kitchen. His intricate pictures reveal the details his eye captures in and around this living space, and through this visual depiction, narrates a series of stories around family, bonds and relationships. 

Novi’s dedicated mark-making on a canvas forms an impressionable yet neutral landscape for everyday objects to find their place. Having lived amongst farmers since young, his pointillism embodies the philosophy of agriculture and its spirit of hard work. Determination eventually rewards success and invaluable growth. Every mark inscribed is as if a seed is being planted, and with persistence, a beautiful harvest awaits the artist and the viewer – the finished work of Novi. 


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Faculty of Fine Arts – Institute Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta (ISI) Year 2008 – 2015


Wayan Novi’s Tropical Happiness at Art Porters Gallery
Group show “INFLUENCERS” at Alliance Francaise Singapour

Wayan Novi’s Flow of Poems at Donna Art & Consulting, Taiwan

Wayan Novi’s Landscape of Memories at Art Porters Gallery

Group show “#2 November on paper” at Bale Banjar Yogyakarta
Group show at Art Expo Plus Malaysia 2017

Group show at Art Stage Jakarta 2017
Group show “Upgrade” at Lorong Sankring Yogyakarta
Group show “Terang busan” at Djoko Pekik Yogyakarta
Group show at Art Stage Singapore 2017

Group show at Art Stage Jakarta 2016

Group show at Affordable Art Fair 2016

“Adu domba #2” at Sangkring art project Yogyakarta

“Mo Indie Bali” at Indie Art HouseYogyakarta
“Ada Budi di Dalam Dirimu” colaboration with Robert Khan at lawas cafe Yogyakarta

“Personalitas Dalam komunitas”, at Bentara Budaya Bali
“Taksu Sketsa SDI” Exhibition with Sanggar Dewata Indonesia, UPT Galery ISI Yogyakarta
“Salam Nusantara” at Balai Budaya Melayu Yogyakarta

“Suka Pari Suka” at Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta

“Exhibition with hitam manis grup at Sangkring Art Project Yogyakarta

“Vibrant Vision Of Lempad” at Sangkring Art Space
“Festival Salihara” with Hitam manis at Salihara, Jakarta
“Secangkir Kopi” with palang group at Sangkring Art Project

“GOENAWAN 70 th” with Hitam Manis at Semarang galery

“Solo exhibition” sanggar dewata Indonesia di galeri isi Surakarta – “motoring art” with Hitam Manis at gallery nasional
“Intuisi” inaguration exhibition isi at Jogja Nasional Museum

“JOGJA ART SHARE” at Jogja Nasional Museum – “D’TEXT” at UPT Galeri ISI Yogyakarta

”Majapahit Dalam Seni Rupa” museum Trowulan , Jawa Timur -“Tales From The Street”Griya Santrian, Bali
Exhibition with Hitam Manis,Art Mall,Bazzar Art Jakarta,
Exhibition with Hitam Manis Kompetisi ICC Pandaan,Surabaya – Exhibition with Hitam Manis FKY XXII,Benteng
“Gempar” Drawing Lovers # 2 at UPT galery ISI Yogyakarta

Exhibition with DAKSINA group at Sudana ubud galery Bali
“RAI GEDHEK” with Hitam Manis at Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta, Bentara Budaya Jakarta, Orasis Surabaya, Malang
Arcive Library
”Jogja Jamming”Biennale x with Hitam Manis, Yogyakarta “ PETRUK NAGIH JANJI” at Bentara BudayaYogyakarta –
Exhibition BAZAAR ART JAKARTA, with Hitam Manis at Pacific Place Jakarta

“SHERING “ at Sanggar Dewata Indonesia office, Yogyakarta
Sketch Exhbition at Katamsi alley ISI Yogyakarta

Water Colour Exhibition at Katamsi alley ISI Yogyakarta

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