Svetlana Petrova UNPUBLISHED


Hometown St.Petersburg, Russia
Lives and works St.Petersburg, Russia

About the artist
Svetlana Petrova is an artist, producer and curator living in St.Petersburg, Russia. She is the director of the Multivision Foundation, the president of the International Festival of Animation Arts Multivision and the international Art Forum graFFFest, both in St.Petersburg, Russia.

Graduate of the faculty of philosophy of St.Petersburg State University, she discovered her talent of avantgard costume and performance and created the “Laboratory of Experimental Models” theater group. She changed philosophy stated in concepts for another one expressed in objects and forms. The main attraction of the L.E.M. theatre was original costumes by Svetlana Petrova. L.E.M. presented a lot of cutting edge performances, some of them made scandal in Russia due to ironical combination of political and erotics content. Svetlana Petrova made mise-en-scene and costumes for L.E.M. theater shows “Brain Games”, “The Eggs of the Evil”, “Swan Lake II or Double-headed Swan”, “Bloodstained Nutcracker”, “Moulin Russe” which toured all over the world with the support of a well-known theatrical consultant from Paris, France, André Gintzburger.

More about L.E.M. theatre and Svetlana Petrova’s artwork:

In 2000 Petrova with associates creates in St.Petersburg the Laboratory of Sound cultural center that promoted independent music and theater in Russia. Investigating the synthesis of human body and different objects Svetlana Petrova created in 2000 her first high technology costume; Mobile Girl that included computer, LCD screen and mobile phone and was controlled by specially created application. She became seriously fond of animation and video art and created an international animation festival in St.Petersburg in 2003. Now Svetlana Petrova is the president and the director of the International Festival of Animation Arts “Multivision” ( ) that had its thirteenth edition in November 2015. Alongside with the festival, Multivision Foundation, established by Svetlana, leads other cultural projects.

In 2007 Svetlana Petrova creates and develops the idea of the unique site specific giant video installation: the choice of animated shorts are projected on the giant screen 400 square meters attached to the surface of an erected part of the drawbridge. The first of these public screens events was held in 2007. Then in 2011 it was dedicated to street art animation and combined with other street art activities and became annual. ( , ). In the framework of the year The Netherlands–Russia 2013, the Multivision Festival initiated the development of bridge screening project for Amsterdam. The video installation was simultaneously placed in two different locations on the globe – the Troitsky drawbridge in Saint-Petersburg and the legendary Magere Brug (the Skinny Bridge) in Amsterdam. The screens were then connected via video bridge – so, that the audiences in Russia and the Netherlands could communicate with one another in real time. Such a hybrid of 2 real bridges and a virtual one was named Multi-bridge. Multi-Bridge St-Petersburg – Amsterdam at 19-20 July 2013 overnight was visited by more than 30 000 spectators.

In 2011 Svetlana Petrova creates an Internet project Great Atrists Mews – FatCatArt ( “Famous paintings improved by cats” that was qualified as World Wide Web sensation in 2012. The news about it’s first offline exhibition: “From icons to i-cats” held in UK attracted huge interest of UK and international media. The idea of FatCatArt project is high art and philosophical content delivered in kitch and popular form of LOLcats – funny cat pictures extremely popular in the net; an experiment to create an Internet meme of art history that appeared to be successful.

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