Su-en Wong

Wong Su-en

Born 1973
Born Singapore
Lives and works New York

About the artist
Su-en Wong, New York-based artist, was born in Singapore in 1973. At an early age, she came under the tutelage of Liu Kang, one of Singapore’s pioneer artists. Su-en held her first solo exhibition in Singapore at the age of 14, and she moved to Chicago at the age of 16 to continue her art studies. Su-en’s works are included today in major museum collections throughout the US (San Francisco MoMA, Whitney…) and internationally, including MONA in Tasmania, and in an increasing number of private collections in South-East Asia, such as Deddy Kusuma’s and MaGMA.

The Forest is Su-en Wong’s most mature series to date. The viewer relates with delight to the simplicity, joy, freshness and playfulness that emanate from the works. Motherhood opened a rich new chapter in Su-en’s life, as well as in her practice: the rebellious, submissive or eroticised Chinese teenager inspired directly by the artist has morphed into peaceful portraits of happy young women finding inner balance in luscious natural settings. The superbly crafted references to traditional Chinese landscape paintings inhabited by the contemporary subjects reflect Su-en Wong’s deep culture and subtle humour.

“We see in Su-en’s works meticulous attention to line and detail. Yet she desires to incorporate the feelings and energy of the impressionistic brushwork of the late [Chinese] masters. Looking at her paintings one can feel the strength and vigour of the trees and the vibrancy of the branches. One can also discern the utter of the lotus leaves, the soft wooliness of the coats of the sheep and the gentle flow of water in the lake. In short, her art consists in integrating accuracy and details as well as evoking the vigour of deep emotions.” — Lawrence Wong, art collector

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