Sam Lo

Born 1986
Hometown Singapore
Lives and works in Singapore

About the artist
Sam Lo/ ‘SKL0’ (b. 1986) is a trans non-binary visual artist based in Singapore with humble beginnings as an urban artist. In their formative years, their intrigue with the concept of culture and bold execution in some of their earliest forays in street art dubbed them the “Sticker Lady”, a nickname lovingly given by the city in reference to the saga that was birthed from their work in the streets. Since then, their practice has grown to be reflective of their personal journey and beliefs – a non-subscriber to traditional notions of a dedicated style, theme or visual language, they believe that the human psyche has multiple dimensions that make us complex, layered individuals which enable us to vastly explore and express a multitude of motivations in this shared human experience. As such, their works explore different themes across various mediums from large scale spray painted murals to delicately hand-sculpted sculptures, each tackling a different story through the artist’s lens.


• Going Places; travels of the mind, spirit and heart, Art Porters Gallery,

• “OUR FUTURE IS IN(CON)CLUSIVE) Mural Showcase curated by Singapore
Art Museum, Singapore
• Designer Toy Custom Showcase at ‘Pegasus’ by The Final Bosses, Art
Outreach, Singapore
• Designer Toy Custom Showcase at ‘Can Stop 2021’ by Garduhouse (ID) and
RSCLS (SG), B-Side, Singapore
• [Awarded] Installation Showcase for “Rewritten: The World Ahead of Us”
Open Call by Public Art Trust and National Arts Council, Punggol Waterway,
• Mural collaboration showcase with Indian Artist Bhajju Shyam for Art Walk
2021 in Little India, Singapore as part of ‘Passion Made Possible’ by
Singapore Tourism Board and curated by St+Art India Foundation
• Design showcase for “Streets of Hope” by National Arts Council, Singapore

• [SOLO] ‘Rising Change’, Shouten, Mandarin Gallery
• Mural showcase in Delhi with START India as part of ‘Passion Made Possible’
by Singapore Tourism Board
• Mural collaboration showcase with Thai Street Artist Rukkit in Singapore and
Thailand as part of ‘Passion Made Possible’ by Singapore Tourism Board

• Showcase at Culture Cartel 2018, Singapore
• Mural collaboration showcase with Malaysian Street Artist Akid-One at
Georgetown Festival
• Penang, Malaysia as part of ‘Passion Made Possible’ by Singapore
Tourism Board
• Showcase at Art Central 2018, Hong Kong
• Showcase at Design District Dialogue 2018, Singapore
• Showcase at Art Skins at the Civic District, Singapore Art Week 2018,
• Solo showcase at Singapore Art Week 2018, Singapore

• Showcase at Melbourne Festival, Melbourne, Australia
• [SOLO] ‘For Better, For Worse’, One East Asia & Pegasos5, Besser
Space, Melbourne, Australia
• Showcase at Multiply: A Majestic Playground, New Majestic Hotel,
• Artist residency, ST+ART India Foundation, New Delhi, Delhi
• Showcase at Urban Ventures by LOPELAB, Singapore
• [SOLO] Greetings from Singapore, One East Asia Gallery, Singapore

• Largest road painting for Circular Spectacular showcase, Circular Road, Singapore
• [Awarded] Sundaram Tagore Gallery permanent mural for Art After Dark, Singapore

• Rail Jammin’ Showcase supported by NAC, Rail Corridor, Singapore
• [SOLO] The Limpeh Solo Show, The Substation, Singapore
• Ayam What Ayam Groupshow, Ernest Zacharevic x E&O Gallery, Penang, Malaysia
• Sentosa SG50 Charity Showcase, Harbourfront, Singapore
• Solidarity Movement- Thailand Urban Cultural Exchange, Singapore
• Participating artist for The Mill x WeJungle: Destruction & Rebirth, The Mill,
• Participating artist for Aliwal Urban Arts Festival, Aliwal Arts Centre, Singapore

• Invited artist for Urban Exchange Street Art Festival,
Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia
• Exhibited artwork for ‘Music for Change’ charity group
show hosted by LUSH99.5, Yeo Workshop Gallery,
• Exhibitor at Singapore Toys, Games and Comic
Convention (STGCC), Singapore
• ‘Girls of the Underworld’ group show at Kult Gallery,
• Participating artist for the SIN-PEN colony at
• Represented at Seoul Art Toy Culture convention,
Seoul, Korea
• Participating artist at FLABSLAB Presents May The
Fourth: Star Wars showcase for charity
• Culture Clash Music and Art festival- artwork
collaboration with Baki Baki, KA’a and SKL0,

• Represented by Goldmann at Affordable Art Fair
• ‘Kingbrown’ x Kult art show (Group Show), Singapore
• Release of art collectible ‘Cultured’ and live art at
Mighty Jaxx at Singapore Toys, Games and Comic
Convention (STGCC), Singapore
• The Solidarity Movement urban exchange – Singapore
x Manila showcase
• RSCLS Presents The Rojak Rendezvous, The
Substation, Singapore
• Red Bull Canvas Cooler Project (Group show),

• Urbanscapes 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
• Kult Issue #10- Unbreakable (publication), Singapore
• ‘The Hell Lotus Art Show’ Group Show by Mighty Jaxx, Sup, Singapore
• ‘Singapore’s Finest’ Group Show, 28th Fevrier, Singapore

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