Luc Dratwa


Born 1958
Hometown Belgium

Lives and works Belgium

About the artist
This autodidact, who was the editor of the design and architecture “Domino”, has always had a passion for the arts. He enjoyed painting as a young man, but later turned to photography, a process he describes as finding his vocation. As an artist, he enjoys blurring the lines between painting and photography, with compositions that demonstrate a strong graphical quality

To exhibit is to expose himself. It is for this reason that he waited many years before the plunge, when he finally managed to approach the rigor and quality in his artworks that he was looking for so long. For him, every subject he tackles is as much a story on photo paper as it is a simple photographic work.

Since 2009, the city is his favorite subject, New York particularly for its multi-faceted character that he presents in his images as never done before. His influences come from his experience but also his admiration for photographers like Meyerovitch, Desiree Dolron and Saul Leiter, who photographed the streets of New York with an art of the moment and stolen instant.

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