Chirtsak Phajitsattaya

Born 1957
Lives and works Bangkok, Thailand

About the artist
Chirtsak has loved art since childhood but had no opportunity to practice it. In 1976, Chirtsak goes to Bangkok to continue his studies. He enrolls in law school to become a lawyer. During his university studies, his old friend invites him to perform by chance, his first work of art in paper mache. It is then that Chirtsak discovers his artistic talent in sculpture. Around 2001, he becomes professor of sculpture at Wangklaikangwon Industrial and Community College, thanks to his determination, dedication, and time investment. Also in 2001, He teaches about paper mache at Klai Kungwon Palace. Moreover, he is granted a medal by King Bhumiphol. In 2010, he returns to Bangkok to pursue his artistic adventure and joins in 2011 PAJ Art Studio to work with the French visual artist Arnaud Nazare-Aga. Since then, Chirtsak works in that art studio, well known for his realization of painted resin sculptures, as Chief Sculptor and Art Project Supervisor, where he works on different projects with Arnaud or on his own project.

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