Arnaud Nazare-Aga


Born 1965
Hometown Paris
Lives and works Bangkok

About the artist
“I want to contribute to the universal search for happiness.” Artist Arnaud Nazare Aga’s uplifting, vibrant sculptures reflect his life’s philosophy and artistic beliefs.

The purpose of art is probably one of the most heated debates in the world throughout the history of mankind. It has been argued that the purpose of art is for communicating an idea, induce social inquiry, flaunting one’s wealth or even political propaganda. However, Arnaud’s sculptures remind us of an important aspect of art: its therapeutic power; its capacity to inspire joy and healing. Arnaud’s distinctive style of vivid colours, voluptuous forms and gentle curves kindle positive feelings of delight, humour, fullness and glee. His eye-catching works typically engender conversations between viewers, thereby building natural bridges between people, as they temporarily set aside their differences and remember their shared desire for happiness in life. In a bustling world of competing worldviews and altercations, his works provide a sanctuary of tranquility and bliss.

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