Annie Brunetot


Born 1946
Hometown France
Lives and works France

About the artist
Born in Reims in 1946, Annie Brunetot sculpts and assembles materials and colors in a world unlike any other. Her creations mix geometric shapes, transparencies, oppositions and freshness. Her works challenge the look and play with light, giving a kinetic touch to her art. It is the opposition between a solid nucleus and the volume defined by a thin line of color, or the complimentary of a translucent plastic triangle and the roundness of a fragment of wood, or even the paradox of these lines becoming volumised by the effect of magnifying glass. Each of these elements does not present anything particular, but their relationship takes an autonomous existence.

“It is the connection, the link that makes sense.”

Her pieces constitute interfaces of emotion between the artist and the observer, a question of distance or perhaps, moment. Through her sculptures, Annie Brunetot creates a world where color, joy and poetry intertwine. Adopt seven, eight colors, sensual and vibrant. Pick some circular cuts of plexiglass. Within these constraints, explore the color treatment. Multiply the answers, combine and associate. Play with the unpredictability of shadows. Look, bring your gaze all around: there is a lot to feel, inside all of it. Focus a spot light on the art, and the wall appears and enriches the piece with its own interpretation. A fourth dimension is brought by the light, delicate and unexpected. Each of these rods is unique; by its diameter, the choice and placement of colors: stripes, checkers, circles; by the way the paint is applied: on the surface, in the cavities and even inside. It is there, lying within the physicality of the matter, waiting for the gaze that will bring it to life.

Solo shows
2016 Abbaye de Trizay TRIZAY (17)

1999 Galerie K PARIS
1995 Pavillon Charles X  SAINT CYR SUR LOIRE Galerie K PARIS
1993 Galerie Keller PARIS

1992 Prix Jeune Peinture PARIS

1996 Prix Sen’art contemporain
2016 Prix de la ville de ROYAN – salon d’automne

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