Mulyana and the Mogus

Born: 1984

Hometown: Bandung, Indonesia
Lives and Works: Yogyakarta, Indonesia

About The Artist

Jogja-based Mulyana, born in 1984, was educated as an art teacher. He learned knitting followed by crochet in 2007 at the famous “book shop collective” Tobucil in Bandung, his hometown. Mulyana experiences the actual practice of knitting or crocheting as meditation and prayer. The art begins small, and the modules multiply with contemplation,

Mulyana created his crocheted alter-ego, the Mogus — for Monster, Gurita (octopus) and Sigarantang (clan name). His Mogus have evolved over the years in many colours and versions. It’s made of knitted pompoms from unused bulky yarn, adapted from images of marine life with its beautiful diversity and mystery. Mulyana’s fantasy is to “have many hands, then I can do many things, can give to many people”.

The Coral Islands series represent The Mogus’ homes, domains or safe places of refuge — a basic human need. “In God’s eyes, our being in this life is to eventually go to a beautiful place,” says Mulyana for whom making art is a privileged way of “showing gratitude to our Creator who gives him a sound mind and a healthy body to be part of life on earth”.

Mulyana who shares his studio with Jimmy Ong also featured at Art Basel Hong Kong 2016 and created a solo exhibition for Jakarta.

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