Erianto photo
Born: 1983
Hometown: Paladangan Agam, West Sumatra.
Lives & works: Yogyakarta
About The Artist: 
Erianto, a West Sumatran born artist based in Jogjakarta, paints cardboard packages as well as wooden crates of various sizes on canvas creating the illusion that the packages and crates are real—a feat that could signify the end of painting itself. Through this series, Erianto portrays a studio of an artist after his or her unsold artworks are returned back to him or her from an exhibition at a gallery. He pushes the limits of painting in an exceptional manner, evoking a sense of urgency to rethink painting as it used to be practiced. His artworks blur the paintings with objects or two-dimensional artwork and three-dimensional artwork.
He cleverly uses his native language in his works as reminders of his roots and casual wisdom that he wants to hold close. The labels on his packages and crates paintings are his critique to the commercial dominance in Indonesian art scene. He wants the audience to enjoy his works in a fun way.
Erianto has enjoyed international success having won awards such as the Bandung Contemporary Art Awards, Finalist of Tujuh Bintang Art Award, and exhibited in Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Germany and USA.
  • 2011 The Best Three Art Work BACAA,( Bandung Contemporary art Awards), Lawang Wangi & Science Estate. Bandung, Indonesia
  • 2010 Nominator of JAA ( Jakarta Art Award ) Reflection Of Megacities, North Art Space, Pasar Seni Ancol Jakarta Indonesia
  • 2009 The dream (the Power of dream), The best 20 finalist Tujuh Bintang Art Award, Jogja National Museum. Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • 2008 Finalist of Visual Art, 100th Anniversary of Kebangkitan Nasional, Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • 2007 Favorite Works of Peduli Seni, Fine Art Exhibition with “Aksi Anak Bangsa”, Senayan City, Jakarta, Indonesia. The best 20 Finalist of The Thousand Mysteries of Borobudur, Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • 2006 The Big 10 Finalist of Pekan Seni Mahasiswa VIII, Makasar, Indonesia
  • 2004 The Best Art Works, UNP Padang, West Sumatera, Indonesia

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