Aiman Hakim


Born 1984
Hometown Singapore
Lives and works Singapore

About the artist
Obsessed in a dreamlike world, Aiman’s paintings aim to ignore realism and artistic conventions, blurring the lines between high art and low art. The universe in his make-believe world favours grace, sensuality and esotericism; staging mysterious icons, glorified, eroticised, divinised to the point that they integrate popular imagery. In this enchanted world, his subjects are born with the power of anti-gravity, and as this gift is slowly cycled back into the universe; symbolised through the use of flowers, energy is exchanged as they slowly ground themselves, to the possibility of a destination or the start of a new chapter. The story of these figures is told in a fairytale fashion, with both tenderness and cruelty, often interweaved with references of religious iconography, eroticism, mythology and children’s tales.”

Aiman Hakim graduated from the LASALLE-SIA School of the Arts in 2004 with a Diploma in Fine Arts.Awards he won include the LASALLE-SIA Scholarship, Georgette Chen Scholarship and the Winston Oh Travel Award. Aiman has exhibited both in Singapore and overseas, including the National Art Gallery of Malaysia, the Sunshine International Museum, in Songzhuang, China. His works are included in prominent local and international collections including the MaGMA Collection.

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