Laure Hatchuel Becker


Born 1967
Hometown Paris, France

Lives and works South of France

About the artist
Award-winning French artist Laure Hatchuel-Becker, renowned for her proprietary peaks of colours technique, just completed “Art at a Glance”, a spectacular new collection of 3D oil paintings, with respectful references to old masters including Albrecht Dürer. It is clin d’œil, Laure’s discrete salute to Dürer, the famous engraver from the 16th century.

In 1515, half a millennium ago, the governor of Portuguese India sent as a present a real rhino to Lisbon. It was a big thing because it was the first time that a real rhino arrived in Europe. So Dürer decided to engrave on wood the rhino, influenced by drawings and description of other artists. He never saw the real rhino.

Each of Laure’s paintings has an opposite or complement, sometimes a mirror work or one in another colour scheme, a reference to a world of duality — ying & yang, light & shadow, …. 2015 marked a new step towards global recognition for LHB, as she likes to be known, with exhibitions in Monaco, Miami and Singapore, followed by her debut at Art Stage 2016 with Art Porters.

In her paintings, Laure Hatchuel-Becker shows a sort of heroism embodied in both an investigation into the possibilities of each medium, but also on the position of each image in the contemporary art system. — Alain Renner, art consultant 

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