Chui Dezi

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Born 1985
Hometown Malaysia
Lives and works Singapore

About the artist
Dezi Chui was born in 1985, raised in Malaysia and now resides in Singapore. As a child, Dezi found immense pleasure in painting and drawing. This recreational activity soon blossomed into a passionate hobby, as his interest in artistic interpretations and depictions grew.

After Dezi graduated from art college, he worked as a lead background artist in an animation studio and game studio. Thereafter he moved to Singapore to work as an illustrator and lead visual artist. Chui Dezi explores architectural designs and styles, experimenting with different angles and perspective. He established a personal visual flair slanted towards the 1950-80s, using pencil and charcoal in digital format.

Let Art Speak Feature Wall – Affordable Art Fair

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Noise Singapore Showcase

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