About us

With its belief in the power of art to transform lives, Art Porters’ mission is to share happiness with art.

Art Porters believes in art’s unique power to contribute to the viewer’s journey of self-discovery.  When one feels connected with an art piece, deep emotions, including the all-important appreciation of beauty, can be triggered.  One’s sense of well-being can be enhanced, uplifting hearts and inspiring creativity.

Art Porters focuses on contemporary art from around the world, and develops privileged relationships with international artists, hailing from Europe and Asia.  Our featured artists work in a variety of media, including drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and digital animation.

Art Porters selects artworks that appeal and interest a wide audience, including both the young and old, experienced and new collectors.  Our artists generously share their stories and inspiration to create a unique and distinctive experience.

Art Porters also provides art consultancy and advisory services for collections, corporations and venues.  We also help to organise art and exhibition events for a wide variety of clients.

Street parking with URA coupon is available on Spottiswoode Park Road itself and the neighbouring streets. However after 10pm, non residents can park only on Spottiswoode Park Road, not on Blair Road or Everton Road. There is ample carpark available as well in nearby HDB blocks, for example 101 Spottiswoode Pard Road or Blk6A Everton Road (Multi Storey Carpark)